GMSR Stage 2 - Randolph Circuit Race

September 01, 2018


GMSR Stage 2 - Randolph Circuit Race

The Stage 2 Circuit Race was the first opportunity for riders to take home the KOM and Sprinter Leader’s Jerseys this year.

The course based out of Randolph High School gave the sprinter’s their opportunity and a chance for racers enjoy Ice Cream and Beer from local vendors right at the finish.

With three jerseys on the line, the racing had an added element of intrigued as people looked to defend yellow or grab the KOM or Sprinter Jersey.

 “Yesterday in the time trial I got 21st, that wasn’t really the result I was looking for, so I decided to go after the sprint jersey today” Tim Savre, Pro/1 Men – Sprint Jersey

 “I went for a solo breakaway for the first points, got caught, but jumped back into a group of four and picked up the next two points. When we got caught I got promptly dropped, but got the jersey. I’m hoping to keep it to the end” – Howel Wiesner Cat 2 Sprint

 “Everyone is saving for tomorrow, so it was more of a bunch sprint than a KOM. I was just opportunistic” - Courteney Lowe – Women’s 1/2/3 KOM Leader


The sprints were chaotic as always and led to some fantastic entertainment for those watching the action.


“It was pretty chaotic, argy bargy, and sometimes too slow to keep it safe” – Jack Jefferies50+, new Overall Leader

 “I knew to wait until 250m, the road opened up to the left and I took the win” Conor Delanbanque– Cat 3 Stage Winner

 Tomorrow is the Queen Stage finishing atop App Gap, a challenging 4km climb with a final 500m that pitches north of 20%. Even with the hard racing, everyone loves GMSR.

“It’s a good hard race, it’s quite humbling” – Conor Delanbanque – Cat 3, Stage Winner, Sprint Jersey

 “This is the best race up here, and sure enough, it’s been fantastic so far” Howel Wiesner Cat 2 Sprint Leader



Congrats to today's jersey winners!